Track your Order :

Next Working Days Evening or Same Working Day Evening(if you make your order before 10:00 AM) your consignment number will mailed on your registered mail id (at the time of order which mail id you provide us)

How to track 

Step for tracking :
1. Visit India Post website :
2. Put your Consignment Number / Article number Ex: ERxxxxxxxxxIN or CRxxxxxxxxxIN etc 
3. If you are not getting your consignment within 7 working days please you can make a complain by following steps 
a. Open this website
b. Customer Support
c. Register a complain 
d. Choose your order type (for direct order its EM parcel / for cash on delivery its INS VP)

Shipment Address :
Kamal Choudhary
Nawalgarh, Jhunjhunu
Rajasthan - 333042
Mob - 9784236981