General Studies & Engineering Aptitude Vol 2

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General Studies & Engineering Aptitude Vol 2  
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ISBN: 978-93-5147-276-6  No. of Pages:546   Sample : Click Here

Publisher Name: MADE EASY Publications

BOOK AT A GLANCE This book contains following topics of General Studies and Engineering Aptitude [Paper-Iof Engineering Services Examination (Prelims)].

1. Basics of Project Management.

2. Basics of Material Science and Engineering.

3. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) based tools and their applications in Engineering such as networking,e-governance and technology based education.

4. Ethics and values in Engineering profession.

It has been developed in view of the revised pattern of ESE. Theory is given in lucid language with solved examples and/or case studies. Previous questions asked in Engineering Services Examination is also included with detailed solutions.Practice questions after every unit give students a trial. All in all, the entire book is informative and impressive at the same time