Please read following instructions carefully before placing an order through COD ( Cash On Delivery ).

1. COD will be available for orders above Rs.1000 only.

2. You need to register yourself and a nominal fee of Rs. 200 will be applicable for this process.

3. The person will not be eligible for any special offer, coupon etc if s/he is placing an order through COD.

4. The person will have to pay the *shipping charge varies according to the product if s/he is placing an order through COD. 

Register for Cash on Delivery: Click Here

Why Rs. 200 Extra??

  1.  We can prefer COD with help INS VP India postal service. If we use this service, India postal service charge 15% INS VP+Service Tax on total cost of product other-than courier charge. In that case we have to spend 500-800 Rs for only courier charge and INS VP charge and tax. 
  2. Payment recovery time in COD option is minimum 25 Days (Maximum may be 2-3 months)
  3. We can't pay that amount from our own expensive, it should be paid by customer.
  4. Many people do fraud order, to skip those fraud order its right way to make 200 Rs registration.

Problem with COD :

  1. Your consignment will come through India Post only, in most of cases of COD post office & Post master don't inform customer  to skip headache of INS VP service, in that case you have to  be careful and track your consignment within every 2 days and once it arrive in your locality immediately you have to contact to postman or nearest post office
  2.  As per Postal Norms they can't handover your product other-than the person whose this product belong.
  3. Delivery time 7 -15 Days 
  4. We can't provide any private courier service.